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Adams Rib, Line 900, Diamond Glassware Co. c. 1925

Adams Rib Depression Glass

Adams Rib was the last line of the Diamond Glassware Company, Line 900, as their ill-fated factory was destroyed by fire in the early 1930s.

Colors of Adams Rib was plentiful, they came in amber, blue, green, pink, marigold, milk and crystal with marigold iridescence, vaseline and colors decorated with gold, silver, white enamel, florals and flashed colors of blue and orange with black trim.

One very popular color combination may have been orange and black as shown in a 1928 Sears catalog showed six “ribbed” pieces costing $1.32.

Many flat-bottomed bowls were originally offered on black, three-toed pedestal bases. Marigold pieces are valued by collectors of carnival glass. Pitchers can be found in iridized blue and green but the corresponding mugs are difficult to find as are full sets.