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Homer Laughlin Fiesta Radioactive Red


The Homer Laughlin China Co. of Newell W.Va. produced a range of brightly colored earthenware called Fiestaware.

The red glaze produced from 1936-1943 contained uranium oxide, which is slightly radioactive.

In 1943 Fiesta red was discontinued since the government took control of uranium oxide for the war effort.

In March of 1959, red was re-introduced when the US government allowed HLC to purchase uranium oxide again for the manufacture of pottery glazes.

The actual amount of radioactivity is extremely low, less than the normal background radiation you get from rocks or other materials.

Homer Laughlin Co. says they’ve kept tabs on the workers who used to make Fiestaware who may have been at greater risk than the end users and they never detected any unusual health problems.

Following is a breakdown of uranium “types” Homer Laughlin Co. used in producing Fiesta® in red:

1936-1943 Fiesta® Red Fiestaware was produced using natural uranium

1959-1969 Fiesta® Red Fiestaware produced using depleted uranium

1969-1973 Fiesta® Red Ironstone was produced using depleted uranium