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Indiana Glass


The Early Years 1895 – 1922

1895, the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. built a large building in Dunkirk, Indiana. It was named the Dunkirk Locomotive and Car Repair Works and the intended use was to build and repair railroad cars. This idea was soon abandoned and George Brady and James Beatty purchased the building and property in 1896. Together they formed the Beatty – Brady Glass Company. They produced glass lamps, glass chimney tops, vases and some household glass. Continue reading Indiana Glass

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Imperial Glass


The Imperial Glass Company was founded in 1901 by an ex-riverboat captain Edward Muhleman who had many years’ experience as a director/ manager/ investor in glass companies. The aim was to build a very large, modern glassworks close to the river in Bellaire, Ohio, where there were so many other glassworks that Bellaire was already known as “Glass City”. Continue reading Imperial Glass

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Hobnail Glass


Hobnail glass has a regular pattern of raised knobs like the hobnail studs sometimes used on boot soles. It can be a pattern created by blowing a glass vessel into a mold, or it can be achieved by pressing the glass into a mold. It was very popular during Victorian times, usually in hand blown, translucent colored glass, which is sometimes called “Dew Drop Glass”. Continue reading Hobnail Glass

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Heisey Glass


Augustus H. Heisey was an original board member of the U.S. Glass Co and commercial sales manager until he left in 1893 to pursue other interests. After a couple of years in Colorado, Heisey decided to return to glassmaking and decided to build a factory in Newark, Ohio. Construction began in 1895 with the first glass made in April of 1896. Continue reading Heisey Glass

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Hazel Atlas Glass


From the beginnings of a small company in a little village known as Washington, PA came the largest glass manufacturer in the world The Hazel Atlas Glass company was formed in 1902 out of a merger between the Atlas Glass Company (circa 1880’s) and the Hazel Company, two small glass manufacturers located in a little town called Washington, PA just south of Pittsburgh PA. This union started a long history, which would later produce the largest glass company in the world. Continue reading Hazel Atlas Glass